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Windshield Wiper Blades

It’s essential to replace your wiper blades as needed, with the general rule of thumb being once every 12 months. However, colder and more rainy climates may require replacing them sooner. Having clear visibility out of the front windshield is essential for safe driving. Here are some signs that show your windshield wiper blades need replacing.

Cracked or Damaged Rubber

Take a close look at the rubber strip that comes into contact with your windshield. It should be smooth and in one solid piece. You may notice that the rubber is cracked, split, or even broken off into pieces. Harsh temperatures and ice on your windshield can cause your wiper blades to wear out faster than usual. If you live in a cold-weather climate, spring is an excellent time to replace your wiper blades so they are fresh for the more frequent rain showers to come.

Streaks Appear On Your Windshield

Streaks are as good a sign as any that it’s time to replace your windshield wipers. If you start to see dirt and grime on your glass, even after spraying wiper fluid, your blades likely need to be replaced. We should note that your wiper blades may be streaking simply because they are dirty. Try cleaning the rubber off with a cloth to see if that helps reduce streaking.

Squeaking and Noisy Wipers

This is a result of the wipers not contacting the windshield properly. The occasional squeak is normal, but it’s time to replace your wipers if you hear the plastic being dragged across the glass. This is known as “chattering” and is bad for your windshield. Wipers that are in poor contact with the glass won’t be able to clean the windshield effectively and may even damage the glass. 

Bent Wiper Frames

Not every wiper blade works for every vehicle. Most vehicles have specific wiper blades that can be used. For the blades to glide effortlessly across the windshield, they must fit the manufacturer’s recommended design specs. Wiper frames can get damaged and bent from car washes, falling branches, and rough handling. When this happens, the rubber may no longer come into correct contact with your windshield and the blades should be replaced.

Skipping & Inconsistent Contact With Your Windshield

Damaged Rubber and bent frames may cause your wiper blades to skip over sections of the glass. You can easily see where your wipers are making inconsistent contact when it’s raining hard. If the blades separate from the glass at the corners or in the middle, it’s time to replace your wipers. 

Need a New Pair Of Wiper Blades? Come See Us!

Whether you’re looking for someone to install a new pair of wiper blades, or you’re looking to purchase them and install them yourself, you can visit our sister store, Tire Discounters, and they can help! We can also bring them with us when we replace or repair your windshield.  We have a variety of blades in stock and can answer the specific questions you may have about your vehicle’s make and model.