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Sharonville, OH

Chips Auto

Sharonville, OH

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Chips Sharonville


Sharonville, we've got you covered. 

Whether you're dealing with a crack, chip, windshield replacement, or just about anything else that has to do with your auto glass or ADAS, you're in good hands with our Chip's Auto Glass team in Sharonville. 

We get it. You're probably asking yourself, "can I trust these guys to get the job done right?" Our top-notch, Triple-Certified technicians are on standby to confidently serve you and your needs with the level of service you deserve and respect, on-site or on the fly. Plus, Chip's Auto Glass knows you have plenty of things you’d rather be doing than fixing your car. Fortunately, we don’t. 

To sweeten the deal, we offer same-day appointments, free estimates, and a superior customer service experience that keeps you and your safety top-of-mind. Don't worry, our specialists work with your insurance provider (we work with all of them, by the way), and handle the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

And the best part? You can save $50 instantly on your next windshield replacement. Give us a call to learn more about what we do best. 

(513) 252-2995

Chip's Auto Glassd offers auto glass repair and replacement and ADAS safety systems recalibrations - logo



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